To be Clear is to be Kind

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Discover mental wellness with Rising Anchor Therapy's weekly newsletter. Featuring insights from 'Girls Who Code' founder Reshma Saujani, we explore the power of honest feedback and suggest innovative 'Walk and Talk' meetings. Join us for personal growth and tranquility.

You'll Be Fine

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This week, learn from a 21-year-old student's successful plane landing without a nose wheel, and embrace the power of community by seeking help. Join us in our journey towards tranquility and growth.

Design the Life You Really Want

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Discover the Rising Anchor Therapy's newsletter, each edition includes an affirmation, an article, and an actionable tip. Explore the video by Dave Evans, co-creator of Stanford University's Life Design Lab, as he shares essential principles to discover your life's purpose. Embrace a designer mindset, reframe problems, and prototype forward. Remember, no one has it all figured out.