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Shannon Williams, the founder, sitting on a couch in a field

At Rising Anchor Therapy, our goal is to heal trauma and improve the wellness of our clients to help them be the best version of themselves and make the world a better place.

We believe the health and wellness of our clinicians are just as important as our clients and we prioritize balance, authenticity, and anti-burnout policies to promote a safe and supportive workplace.

What We Value

A cartoon of a cute elephant. This image might symbolize the company's approach to therapy, possibly representing the idea of addressing the 'elephant in the room' in therapeutic conversations

Embrace the Elephant

Lean into impactful conversations

A cartoon of a bar graph increasing, representing the relentless pursuit of getting better. This image aligns with the company's values of continuous improvement and striving for better outcomes.

Aim for Better,
Not Best

Continuous Improvement.

 A cartoon of a person in front of their genes. This could symbolize the unique contributions each individual brings to the team, highlighting diversity and personal strengths.

Bring Your Own X 

We are humans first, therapists second.

A cartoon of hands touching in the middle to showcase teamwork. This image emphasizes the importance of teamwork and collaboration within the organization.


Make your job fit your life instead of the opposite. 

A cartoon image of a person on a video call, indicating the ease of telehealth services. This aligns with the company's adoption of modern, technology-driven therapy methods

Therapy is hard,
starting should be easy

Befriending technology for a Frictionless Startup.

A cute picture of Timmy The Dog wearing sunglasses, identified as the company's mascot. This adds a playful and approachable element to the company culture.

Our Mascot, Timmy

He's literally the best and we all just work for him.

Currently Hiring: 

Associates In California

Rising Anchor Therapy is hiring an associate for part-time to grow into a full time position! Create a balance with WFH, manageable caseloads, support, flexible hours, and autonomy to make your job fit your life instead of the opposite.

Key Perks: 

  • Work with a  good supervisor- my caseload is low, I actively seek to work towards the health of clients and clinicians, I’ve worked in a handful of toxic work environments and want to create something sustainable and safe for therapists and clients. I value authenticity and transparency- anti burnout policies
  • Flexible caseload and hours options, everything is virtual, shape this position how you want it to fit your life
  • Business education- Get business training from a marketing and sales expert who will be providing support for associates who are interested in building their own brand and learning how to market.

Work From Home

  • Position is fully virtual
  • Occasional Staff Retreats held in the LA area for community building
  • Self-determined schedule

Essential Job Functions

  • Take an active role in marketing, networking, and working to build your caseload
  • Ensure clinical documentation is completed timely throughout the course of treatment
  • Establish therapeutic rapport with clients and provide great therapy
  • Understand how many clients on your caseload are a good fit for you
  • Participate in weekly supervision and communicate weekly treatment goals and progress of clients
  • Complete the appropriate number of therapy sessions for clients, including family/support system sessions and providing resources aligned with the client level of care


  • Master's degree from accredited social work, marriage and family therapy or psychology program.
  • Registration with State of California Board of Behavioral Health as an active associate or licensed therapist with number.
  • An understanding and active practice of CAMFT ethical code.
  • Able to maintain a professional manner with staff and clients.
  • Able to maintain open communication.
  • Must be fluent in speaking, reading, and writing English.
  • Ability to relate harmoniously with staff and clients of diverse ethnic and economic backgrounds
  • Experience in providing direct services.
  • Ability to navigate an Electronic Health Records System. 
  • Demonstrate authenticity and professionalism, and strong boundaries.

If this sounds like a fit for you, please submit your resume to