Woman in a contemplative pose interacting with butterflies, symbolizing transformation and growth during life transitions at Rising Anchor Therapy.

Embrace Change, Find Your Balance

Life is a series of transitions, some expected and some that catch us by surprise.

At Rising Anchor Therapy, we specialize in guiding individuals through these pivotal moments, helping you find balance and resilience amidst change.

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Have You Seen The Signs?

  • Symbol of a person with a stressed expression and jagged lines above their head, denoting increased anxiety or stress.

    Increased Anxiety or Stress

    One of the most common signs is a noticeable uptick in anxiety or stress levels. This could manifest as constant worry about the future, feeling overwhelmed by the changes happening, or an inability to relax and be at ease.

  • Icon representing a person withdrawing from social activities and relationships, possibly depicted by a solitary figure with distancing lines or symbols indicating a lack of connection to surrounding figures or elements, encapsulating the concept of social withdrawal.

    Withdrawal from Social Activities and Relationships

    you notice someone distancing themselves from social life and loved ones during a major life change, it may indicate they're struggling to cope. This withdrawal often stems from feelings of alienation, avoidance of discussions about their situation, or a sense of disconnection

  • Icon depicting a bar chart with a downward trend and an arrow pointing downwards, accompanied by a silhouette of a person's head above, symbolizing a decline in performance and behavior as a result of a life transition

    Changes in Performance and Behavior

    Signs of struggle may manifest as decreased work or school performance, behavioral or mood changes, and altered routines. For instance, a punctual and responsible individual might begin missing deadlines, while a normally upbeat person could turn subdued or irritable

The Rising Anchor therapy Team

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Portrait of Shannon Williams, founder and head therapist from Rising Anchor Therapy, showcasing a welcoming and professional demeanor.
Shannon Williams
Founder | Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist

Supporting professionals, teens, and families. Empowering change and overcoming life's challenges.

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"A professional headshot of Adriana Kalajian, an empathetic and warm Associate Marriage & Family Therapist at Rising Anchor Therapy, dedicated to providing high quality, compassionate, and humanistic therapy
Adriana Kalajian
Associate Marriage & Family Therapist

Specializing in LGBTQ+ & neurodivergent care. Empowering growth & authentic connections.

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Rising Anchor Therapy's approach is tailored to meet the momentum of high-performers, ensuring that self-exploration and growth become a catalyst, not a brake, to your enduring success

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