Back view of a person wearing an orange hat, looking out over a tranquil lake with mountains in the background, symbolizing peaceful retreat for high achievers.

Reach Your Potential

The journey to the top comes with its own set of unique challenges. Imposter syndrome, work stress, and self-criticism can weigh you down.

At Rising Anchor Therapy, we specialize in guiding high achievers to find balance, assert themselves, and recognize your true worth.

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Have You Seen The Signs?

  • Stress assessment gauge indicating a critical alert with a highlighted star for high achievers at Rising Anchor Therapy.

    Decreased Performance

    A noticeable decline in productivity or quality of work, which may stem from burnout or unmanaged stress.

  • Icon showing a person with low energy and a battery symbol, depicting symptoms of burnout among high achievers.

    Persistent Fatigue

    Despite a disciplined lifestyle, experiencing continuous fatigue that hinders performance and affects overall well-being

  • Smartphone with a tranquil beach scene representing work-life balance, an important aspect for high achievers at Rising Anchor Therapy

    Difficulty Relaxing

    Finding it challenging to relax, disconnect, or maintain a work-life balance, which might affect both personal and professional relationships

The Rising Anchor therapy Team

Meet the Exceptional Therapists Dedicated To Your Wellbeing

Portrait of Shannon Williams, founder and head therapist from Rising Anchor Therapy, showcasing a welcoming and professional demeanor.
Shannon Williams
Founder | Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist

Supporting professionals, teens, and families. Empowering change and overcoming life's challenges.

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"A professional headshot of Adriana Kalajian, an empathetic and warm Associate Marriage & Family Therapist at Rising Anchor Therapy, dedicated to providing high quality, compassionate, and humanistic therapy
Adriana Kalajian
Associate Marriage & Family Therapist

Specializing in LGBTQ+ & neurodivergent care. Empowering growth & authentic connections.

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Start A therapeutic process that moves at your speed

Rising Anchor Therapy's approach is tailored to meet the momentum of high-performers, ensuring that self-exploration and growth become a catalyst, not a brake, to your enduring success

How to get started:

  1. Reach out through the provided contact form or call us directly at 424-571-9768 to schedule a consultation
  2. Your consultation will be used to delve deeper into your concerns and to outline a tailored approach for your therapeutic journey
  3. Prior to our first session, you'll receive a welcome packet via email, containing essential forms and materials to familiarize you with the process