Therapy Services

A woman showing peace signs, looking happy to be there

Deciding to come to therapy is hard. There are a lot of barriers that get in the way of making that first call, whether it be pride, shame, stigma, or anxiety. Many folks have an idea of what therapy looks like (like lying down on a couch talking about your mom) but the truth is that therapy can look different for each person and it can really help.

At Rising Anchor Therapy, our goal is to heal trauma and improve the wellness of our clients to help them be the best version of themselves and make the world a better place.

Our mission is to provide high quality, individualized care for clients from therapists who are not burnout, and have the energy and training to provide great therapy.

As a practice, we advocate for a change of oppressive systems that have an impact on individual mental health rather than just focusing on symptoms. We are an affirming allies and advocates.

Everyone is welcome and safe to be themselves here.

Here are the services we provide:

A person in a yoga pose stretching forward in a spacious room with large windows, representing mindfulness and self-care during a corporate wellness retreat.

Corporate Retreats

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A smiling adolescent with blue hair giving a peace sign, set against a pink-hued background, representing the individuality and self-expression supported in adolescent therapy.

Adolescent Therapy

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A joyful family moment with a father, mother, and child embracing, filled with laughter and light, symbolizing the healing and happiness found in family therapy.

Family Therapy

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A couple sitting closely on the beach at sunset, draped in jackets, sharing a moment of togetherness as they look out over the ocean horizon.

Couples Therapy

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A lone figure standing in a vast field of wheat, holding a round, mirror-like object above their head, reflecting the sky, symbolizing self-reflection and exploration in individual therapy

Individual Therapy

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