A woman in a moment of focused contemplation, surrounded by vibrant neon lights, representing the dynamic inner world of individuals with ADHD at Rising Anchor Therapy.

Embrace Your Unique Journey

At Rising Anchor Therapy, we understand the distinct challenges and strengths of living with ADHD.

Our ADHD support is not just about managing symptoms; it’s about recognizing and celebrating your unique way of thinking and interacting with the world.

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Have You Seen The Signs?

  • Icon showing a person with a distracted gaze and a thought bubble, signifying inattentiveness or daydreaming.

    You Just Can't Focus

    You might find it really hard to keep your attention on one thing. You try to focus on a task, but your mind jumps to something else quickly. Forgetting daily tasks or where you put things is a common struggle.

  • Illustration of a person sitting with their chin resting on their hand, fingers tapping, suggesting impatience or deep thought.

    You're Always on the Move

    You might feel like you need to be constantly moving. Sitting still for long periods is challenging. You find yourself fidgeting, tapping your foot, or needing to walk around just to burn off energy.

  • Icon of a person with a downturned mouth and a red cross above their head, indicating negativity or disapproval.

    You Act Without Thinking

    You often find yourself making decisions impulsively. Before you've fully thought something through, you're already acting on it. You might interrupt others in conversation or speak out of turn without intending to – it's like there's no pause button.

The Rising Anchor therapy Team

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Portrait of Shannon Williams, founder and head therapist from Rising Anchor Therapy, showcasing a welcoming and professional demeanor.
Shannon Williams
Founder | Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist

Supporting professionals, teens, and families. Empowering change and overcoming life's challenges.

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"A professional headshot of Adriana Kalajian, an empathetic and warm Associate Marriage & Family Therapist at Rising Anchor Therapy, dedicated to providing high quality, compassionate, and humanistic therapy
Adriana Kalajian
Associate Marriage & Family Therapist

Specializing in LGBTQ+ & neurodivergent care. Empowering growth & authentic connections.

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