Empowering Teens: Personalized Therapy for Adolescents

Four adolescent boys sitting together on a bench, symbolizing group support in teen therapy

Do you feel that something is not quite right with your teenager? Therapy can help teens manage things like school stress, lack of motivation, social anxiety, college application pressure, friendship issues, family conflict, impulsivity, anger management, and peer pressure.

In therapy, teens and adolescents can learn positive coping skills to manage stress, anger, depression, ADHD, and anxiety. Teens can learn social skills to help them manage conflict with peers and overcome social anxiety and mood reactivity.

Therapy gives teens a safe space to talk through their identity, life transition, moods, and frustrations and learn healthy coping mechanisms for their difficult emotions.

Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy (CBT) uses small rewards or successes as motivators to replace negative thoughts, feelings, and behaviors with more useful ones

Art Therapy leverages play-acting, games, or art. Some folks often find it easier to work with their concerns symbolically, and in an active way, rather than by using words.

Parent Collateral Therapy focuses on improving the youth's attachment or bond to their caregiver and exploring positive parenting skills for the adults in their lives.

Trauma-Focused CBT involves having the adolescent create a book, or talk, to tell the story of the trauma memory.


Individual Therapy for Adolescents:

Family Therapy with Adolescents:

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