Channel Your DOGL: Embracing Joy and Loyalty in Everyday Life

A little girl smiling in the rain celebrating a Day of Gracious Living (DOGL)

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Welcome to the Anchor The Scaries Newsletter, your weekly refuge before the chaos of the workweek, produced by Rising Anchor Therapy in Los Angeles, California.

As we journey together towards mental wellness and personal growth, each newsletter edition will feature one affirmation, one article, and one actionable tip to transform your Sunday evenings from a time of anxiety to one of calm and rejuvenation.

Affirmation of the week

"Peace and calm flow through me with every breath I take."

Thought of the Week:

DOGL (Day of Gracious Living)

Take a moment to consider the power of surprise breaks in your routine. At Kalamazoo College in Michigan, there's a tradition known as the 'Day of Gracious Living.' On this day in the spring, classes are suddenly canceled, giving students and teachers an unexpected day off. It's a day dedicated to appreciating life outside of academic pressures, connecting with others, and enjoying simple pleasures. It's a day to remind ourselves that we are not solely defined by our work or responsibilities.

Actionable Tip of the Week

This week, we invite you to incorporate your own 'moment of gracious living.' It doesn't have to be a full day—just a few hours or even a few minutes can be enough. Step away from your usual tasks, take a deep breath, and appreciate the world around you. Because life, after all, is about more than just meeting deadlines—it's about living graciously."

May your week be filled with growth and tranquility,

The Rising Anchor Therapy Team

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May 21, 2023
December 17, 2023
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Shannon Williams