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Dear Reader,

Welcome to the Anchor The Scaries Newsletter, your weekly refuge before the chaos of the workweek, produced by Rising Anchor Therapy in California.

As we journey together towards mental wellness and personal growth, each newsletter edition will feature one affirmation, one article, and one actionable tip to transform your Sunday evenings from a time of anxiety to one of calm and rejuvenation.

Affirmation of the week

I embrace the knowledge that life happens for me, not to me.

Clip of the Week

Today, we are going to delve into a commencement speech that has garnered significant attention due to his exploration of fear and love, self-identity, the importance of taking chances, and the quest for purpose and meaning in life. This speech was delivered by none other than the renowned actor and comedian, Jim Carrey, at Maharishi University of Management's 2014 commencement ceremony.

Jim Carrey’s Commencement Address

YouTube video by Maharishi International University

We know that you might not have enough time to watch a 26 minute clip (though it’s a good one), so here’s the outline to help bring you some tranquility.


Actionable Tip of the Week

"Doorways to the Universe"

Carrey spoke about how life presents us with constant doorways, opportunities that we can choose to walk through. This week, your task is to consciously notice these doorways in your own life. They might not always be grand or obvious; sometimes, they can be as simple as a conversation that could lead to a new friendship, or a fresh idea for a project at work.

Each evening, take some time to reflect on your day and identify at least one "doorway" that life presented to you. Write it down in a journal, noting both what the opportunity was and how you responded to it. If you missed walking through it, don't judge yourself; just recognize that there will be more doors opening tomorrow.

The goal of this exercise is to cultivate a sense of awareness and active participation in your life, to see that life is happening for you, and to shift from fear to love in your decision-making.

May your week be filled with growth and tranquility,

The Rising Anchor Therapy Team

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