To Be Clear is to Be Kind: Navigating Truth and Feedback for Personal Growth

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Welcome to the Anchor The Scaries Newsletter, your weekly refuge before the chaos of the workweek, produced by Rising Anchor Therapy in California.

As we journey together towards mental wellness and personal growth, each newsletter edition will feature one affirmation, one article, and one actionable tip to transform your Sunday evenings from a time of anxiety to one of calm and rejuvenation.

Affirmation of the week

“The courage to confront the truth is my anchor, steadying me in the storms of uncertainty”

Post of the Week - Reshma Saujani

Resha Saujani is an American lawyer, politician, civil servant, and the founder of “Girls Who Code” which helps increase the number of people who identify as women in computer science.

The following is an Instagram post of a tweet thread (how meta) of how Reshma got honest feedback from someone who you wouldn’t expect, Maryanne Trump Berry (Trump’s sister).

Key Takeaways:

What’s the hardest piece of feedback you’ve ever received? How have you used that to live a better life?

Actionable Tip of the Week: Walk and Talk

May your week be filled with growth and tranquility,

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July 9, 2023
December 17, 2023
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Shannon Williams